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Add user via php app/console fos:user:create adminuser --super-admin; Everything is fine. When i go to the login form appears. I type in the created credentials, but the only thing that happens is the message Cannot find a query class for MyName\MyBundle\Entity\User It seems the redirection goes to the route name is fos_user_security_login; Controller: SecurityController; loginAction(). Do I have to add a redirect after a successful login? Or do I have to extend the User.php Entity with an action?

That's what I did

I installed symfony 2 and chose Propel since it would make the migration easier. Everything works fine without login functions.

  • I added the FOSUserBundle the setup from.
  • Furthermore I replaced the login.html.twig to app/resources/FOSUserBundle/views/Security/login.html.twig.
  • This login form refers to action="{{ path("fos_user_security_check") }}
        db_driver: propel # other valid values are 'mongodb', 'couchdb' and 'propel'
        firewall_name: main
        user_class: MyName\MyBundle\Entity\User
 The security.yml is as always..
        FOS\UserBundle\Model\UserInterface: sha512

        ROLE_ADMIN:       ROLE_USER

            id: fos_user.user_provider.username
            pattern: ^/
                provider: fos_userbundle
                csrf_provider: form.csrf_provider
            logout:       true
            anonymous:    true

        - { path: ^/login$, role: IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY }
        - { path: ^/register, role: IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY }
        - { path: ^/resetting, role: IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY }
        - { path: ^/admin/, role: ROLE_ADMIN }

php app/console router:debugresults in:

     home                              ANY      ANY    ANY  /
     about                             ANY      ANY    ANY  /about
     fos_user_security_login           ANY      ANY    ANY  /login
     fos_user_security_check           POST     ANY    ANY  /login_check
     fos_user_security_logout          ANY      ANY    ANY  /logout
     fos_user_profile_show             GET      ANY    ANY  /profile/
     fos_user_profile_edit             ANY      ANY    ANY  /profile/edit
     fos_user_registration_register    ANY      ANY    ANY  /register/
     fos_user_registration_check_email GET      ANY    ANY  /register/check-email
     fos_user_registration_confirm     GET      ANY    ANY  /register/confirm/{token}
     fos_user_registration_confirmed   GET      ANY    ANY  /register/confirmed
     fos_user_resetting_request        GET      ANY    ANY  /resetting/request
     fos_user_resetting_send_email     POST     ANY    ANY  /resetting/send-email
     fos_user_resetting_check_email    GET      ANY    ANY  /resetting/check-email
     fos_user_resetting_reset          GET|POST ANY    ANY  /resetting/reset/{token}
     fos_user_change_password          GET|POST ANY    ANY  /profile/change-password

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Look at step 3. d) on… for when you are using Propel - it says you should use FOS\UserBundle\Propel\User instead of what you have here user_class: MyName\MyBundle\Entity\User – madebydavid Apr 20 '14 at 22:15
Did you ever solve this? Having a similar issue at the moment... :( – Chris Aug 3 '14 at 1:35
No unfortunatelity not. Symfony was far too huge for my project. I used codeigniter ( instead. There have to be done some tricks, but now it works fine with a propel integration, twig engine (twiggy) and sparks as package management. – Steve Aug 4 '14 at 11:08

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