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We have three threads or more, can we use only two semaphores (binary or counting semaphores)? An idea that popped into my mind is playing with the number of sem_post-s and sem_wait-s. Any ideas, strategies are welcomed.

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mouviciel's answer is accurate and probably sufficient - the number of semaphores is really independent of the number of threads. I single semaphore can synchronize hundreds of threads, but perhaps there's more to your question. Can you elaborate a bit on what your threads are doing and why they need to be synchronized? –  Neal S. Feb 23 '10 at 14:26

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A semaphore is used to protect a shared resource. You need as many semaphores as shared resources, this is not linked to how many threads access these resources.

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if you have concurrency between threads and the race condition occurs, one semaphore is not enough. i.e. there are three threads that run several iterations. If I want those three threads to execute in a particular order, say iteration 0 - threadA, threadB, threadC; iteration 1 - threadA, .... multiple semaphores need to be implemented. So far I've found out that there can be two semaphores doing this. however, could it be done with only one? –  user228137 Feb 24 '10 at 10:35
Why use threads if they are executed sequentially? answer to this question may reveal some hidden resources that you want to protect. –  mouviciel Feb 24 '10 at 11:59

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