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I am running MQTT server in node.js. And the server accepts each user with their encrypted USERNAME and PASSWORD. We use AES-128-ECB method for encryption and decryption. However, whenever I printout the incoming username and password, I found that some letters are replaced into 'ef bf bd' by MQTT. I think MQTT changes the letters automatically.

This is my code...

mqtt.createServer(function(client) {
    client.on('connect', function(packet) {
        console.log('username(packet) : ' + packet.username.toString('hex'));

If the incoming username is


and the encrypted form(This is what I want) is

bf c8 ae 69 a2 7e a3 3b 8e 20 58 f6 71 85 e6 39

The printed hex from the above code is this

ef bf bd c8 ae 69 ef bf bd 7e ef
bf bd 3b ef bf bd 20 58 ef bf bd
7a ef bf bd ef bf bd 39

This three strings are one string. I just divided them for your convenience. If you compare them, you can notice some hex is changed into

ef bf bd

I want to extract the raw HEX. Not the wrong HEX.

I did some research for this and found that MQTT prefers to use UTF8. Also, this is from using UTF8. Can anybody help me with this?

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