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I want to ask about something. I have a small business and all the employees use their personal email address like gmail, live, hotmail. I am thinking about building the company email server, instead of commercial email addresses, but could you tell me what are the advantages of having an email server and which is the best way to do that? Thanks in advance!

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Advantages of running own email server/domain:

  • I do consider company own email domain to be a marketing advantage
  • The emails is better protected from (illegal or quasi legal) "third party access"
  • You will know (sooner) about legal access by law enforcement to your email

Disadvantages of running own email server/domain (by a small company):

  • It may not be cost effective. IMHO Running email server(s) properly without "disaster in making" is more costly than most people think. I personally think it makes sense for medium companies and some small companies.
  • "Commercial addresses" are supposed to offer better up time and better DDoS protection.
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