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I'm trying to create a .NET consumer client that will connect to a FluorineFx RTMP Service. It was very easy to create a Flex consumer client and I wish to create the same in .NET

(In other words how to connect a MessageAdapter to MessageAdapter?)

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I'm using the NetConnection object and works fine for me. Check the documentation page:

using FluorineFx.Net;
NetConnection netConnection = new NetConnection();
netConnection.OnConnect += new ConnectHandler(netConnection_OnConnect);
netConnection.NetStatus += new NetStatusHandler(netConnection_NetStatus);
void netConnection_OnConnect(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //The NetConnection object is connected now
    netConnection.Call("serverHelloMsg", new ServerHelloMsgHandler(), "some text");
void netConnection_NetStatus(object sender, NetStatusEventArgs e)
    string level = e.Info["level"] as string;
//Our result handler object
public class ServerHelloMsgHandler : IPendingServiceCallback
    public void ResultReceived(IPendingServiceCall call)
        object result = call.Result;
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