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I have an extension in both Mozilla and Chrome, in my extension I make a call to a remote JS file.

To avoid the CSP in Chrome, I add the rule to manifest.json and my file goin over HTTPS so everything is perfect.

But in Mozilla, I could not find out how to load the JS. Even over https dont work. The only thing I found on this was another question here on Stackoverflow: How to add Content Security Policy to firefox extension, but are not sure where to insert that code, my extension its very simple.

I just need that, how i can handle CSP on a Firefox addon?

Thanks and sorry for my English!

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You have to add contentaccessible=yes stackoverflow.com/questions/21751559/… –  Noitidart Apr 21 at 2:14
Thanks! But I can insert local JS from the extension, but I need to do it with a remote JS, from a certain URL. In chrome as I say there are the option "content_security_policy" in the manifest, and then I can insert external JS, but in Mozil la I dont have idea how to do that. The contentaccessible seems only working for local files of the extension... –  CristianOspina Apr 21 at 3:03
I dont understand, post up your code and point where the problem is and ill be able to tell what you're trying to do :) –  Noitidart Apr 21 at 6:06
For example in my JS i have: (function(d, t) {var g = d.createElement(t),s = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];g.async = true;g.src = '//googlecode.com/my.js';s.parentNode.insertBefore(g, s);})(document, 'script'); That code its executed normally, but it trhows a CSP error with the file googlecode.com/my.js (its a example URL). I mean, how I can inject a remote file... BTW @Noitidart i send you a email on your website, hopre you read it. Thanks! –  CristianOspina Apr 21 at 19:23
Hey man my email form on website is broken haha email me at noitidart@gmail.com –  Noitidart Apr 22 at 5:45

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Notidart help me a lot with this problem. With the help of the link I gave, Notidart work on this extension just for testing:


That extension inject a JS file and an Image just for example, and Have Implemented the code that Jai Prakash put on How to add Content Security Policy to firefox extension and its working well. It injects the file on all sites with a CSP defined.

Thank you very much to both, there is no easy way or documentation for avoid the CSP in Firefox extensions, but this solution works very well.

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Thanks man for sharing, hopefully this will help others. :) –  Noitidart May 8 at 2:29

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