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  Recorder recorder = new Recorder();

            // Use the call ID as the filename and create a media sink.
            //Random rnd = new Random();
            fileName = string.Format("C:\\recordings\\Inbound Call\\EmergencyCallRecording - {0}.wma", acceptCallActivityInboundCall1.CallProvider.Call.CallId.ToString());
            WmaFileSink fileSink = new WmaFileSink(fileName);
            Console.WriteLine("Recording for 30 seconds.");

            // Set the recorder to use the media sink and attach
            // it to the flow.

            // Start recording.

           // Attach a tone controller to listen for the # tone.
           ToneController toneController = new ToneController();
           toneController.ToneReceived += new

 void OnToneReceived(object sender, ToneControllerEventArgs e)
        ToneController toneController = sender as ToneController;

        // If the # key is recognized, switch the state
        // of the recorder.
        if (e.Tone == (int)ToneId.Pound)
            Recorder recorder = toneController.AudioVideoFlow.Call.Flow.Recorder;

            if (recorder.State == RecorderState.Started)
                Console.WriteLine("Hash key pressed. Recording Stopped");



I'm trying to attach a tone controller to the recorder so that when a caller presses the hash # key, the recorder stops recording.

When I run the code, Visual Studio tells me that "AudioVideoFlow is already bound to a ToneController."

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