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Sorry, if the title is too obscure ;D.

Actually the problem is, lets say i am this code.

<span id="spanIDxx" style="blah-blah">
   <tag1>code here </tag2> sample text 
   <tag2>code here </tag2> html aass hhddll
   sample text

Now if i will use the code.


then it will return just the innerHTML excluding <span id="spanIDxx" style="blah-blah">
but i want something which can return the innerHTML including the specified element.

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This will create a new div and append a clone of your element to that div. The new div never gets inserted into the DOM, so it doesn't affect your page.

var theResult = $('<div />').append($("#spanIDxx").clone()).html();

alert( theResult );

If you need to use this frequently, and don't want to bother with adding yet another plugin, just make it into a function:

function htmlInclusive(elem) { return $('<div />').append($(elem).clone()).html(); }

alert( htmlInclusive("#spanIDxx") );

Or extend jQuery yourself:

$.fn.htmlInclusive = function() { return $('<div />').append($(this).clone()).html(); }

alert( $("#spanIDxx").htmlInclusive() );
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Some chap wrote a plugin called outerHTML to do this: brandonaaron.net/blog/2007/06/17/jquery-snippets-outerhtml. Someone else extended the plugin to allow replacement: yelotofu.com/2008/08/jquery-outerhtml – Paul D. Waite Feb 23 '10 at 15:38
great +1, accepted the solution :) – Rakesh Juyal Feb 24 '10 at 6:44

You can copy the node to a new empty node, ask for new .parent() and then its .html()

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Clone might be useful to you. I don't believe you actually need to do anything with the clone/s.

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Haven't used this myself but looks like it may be of use:


demo here: http://yelotofu.com/labs/jquery/snippets/outerhtml/demo.html

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