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I am working to research about Java portal application. I found IBM Websphere Portal as one of it and i choose to install its trial version. I've been download this application from this site, and those link contains 3 applications (Websphere Application Server, Installation Manager and its Portal).

This is installation directory where i extract all fileInstallation Dir

This is the Websphere Application Server directory and its contententer image description here But when installing its Websphere Application Server, i've found the trouble which installer needs other disk(disk 2).enter image description here

It makes me confuse because WAS folder just has disk1 folder. Did i mis something? I've open that zip file but it same like extracted folder WAS. Any solutions? Thanks.

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  • Open Installation Manager -> File -> Preferences -> Repositories
  • Press Add Repository -> Lookup repository.config in WAS folder Press
  • OK.

Now Installation manager knows WAS locations and wouldn't ask disk2

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I did it before, but still with same problem :( –  irvana Apr 22 '14 at 2:24

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