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We have an existing web application on asp.net mvc on IIS 7 with all the routing rules ready and working.

Now we decided to encrypt urls (not just querystring, entire path) using a random generated key which is stored in session, so the urls will be valid only during the lifetime of that session. A request with encrypted url will hit the server, will be decypted to plain url (using that key in session), and this url will then go through urlRoutingModule of asp.net mvc. All the existing routing rules are expected to run on the decrypted url. Server shouldn't be responding to the requests that are made to plain url.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this? Can a custom httpmodule both access the session and change the url BEFORE mvc router module kicks in? Even if it can, will that be the right approach?

Or should I be looking for extension points in mvc router module itself? So far i have seen a couple that are irrelevant to this particular scenario.

Application is running on IIS7

Thanks in advance.

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