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I would like to install a web server on my Window 7. I found instructions for installation of Apache on Windows 7. But as far as I understood I need to have the administrator permission to do so. Am I right?

I also though that it is probably a good idea to install another web server (like a native one) on my Windows 7. I thought it should be easier to do + apache is not designed for Window 7. Driven by these ideas I found some information about Microsoft IIS server. But than it is written that I need to have the Professional edition or the Ultimate edition of Windows 7. Does anybody know how can I check my edition? I do not know which edition I have.

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You can Start -> Right Click Computer and then select Properties. In the Window you will see the version of the windows.

Apache will work for Windows 7. I use easyphp in my Windows 7 Ultimate Machine. yes you need Admin access to install software.

Also Check out

Installing IIS 7.5 on Windows 7 Home Premium, Home Basic, or Home Starter

Some Editions come installed with iis (I think). To check just Do the following

Run -> inetmgr

or. Control Panel -? Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services.

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