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I am fairly new to using MAMP. I have successfully created a webpage with MAMP before. Never had any problems with MAMP. Now in order to redesign the layout of a moodle-webpage, I am using MAMP again.

MAMP connects for about 2 minutes and then disconnects sending the error-message "Error: Database connection failed" and MySQL Server turns offline.

In my research, I found that in my mysql-folder is empty; therefore, I thought, it can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock'

In the index.php it tells me that something is wrong wiht my installation, which is weird since it runs smoothly for about 2 minutes.

if (!empty($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && ('on' == $_SERVER['HTTPS'])) {
    $uri = 'https://';
} else {
    $uri = 'http://';
$uri .= $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
header('Location: '.$uri.'/moodle/');

Something is wrong with your MAMP installation :-(

I tried re-installing it twice now, but it makes no difference. it works for exactly about 2 minutes and then diconnects. what am I doing wrong? Why is not running anymore? and where is my mysql.sock?? I appreciate any hint because I am totally lost now. thanks in advance

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Have you got native mysql running? It might cause the trouble. See ps ax | grep mysql which mysql processes run –  chrisblomm Apr 21 '14 at 17:29

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