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I have the next component in JSF:

<rich:extendedDataTable value="#{userList}" var="obj" id="table">
    <c:forEach items="#{columns}" var="column">
        <rich:column width="#{column.width}">
                <h:outputText value="#{obj[column.property]}"/>

This table paints the columns of the object User.java, and receives which columns I want to paint in a List


String name;
UserType type;
// More attributes

// All these methods are properly implemented
public void setName(String name);
public void setType(UserType type);
public String getName();
public UserType getType();


In my bean I initialized the next ArrayList with the columns, and I get a list of users from the database.

// Columns
List<Column> columns = new ArrayList<Column>();
columns.add(new Column("100", "name")); // String width, String property
columns.add(new Column("100", "type.name")); // String width, String property
// More columns

// Users
List<User> userList = db.getUsers();

This code is working properly if I dont add the second column of the previous code. If I do then I get the next exception:

javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: The class 'my.package.User' does not have the property 'type.name'.
at javax.el.BeanELResolver.getBeanProperty(BeanELResolver.java:661)
at javax.el.BeanELResolver.getValue(BeanELResolver.java:290)


How can I access the property "name" of the subclass "UserType"?


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Adding public String getTypeName() would seem to be easiest.

You're telling the outputText to look for property with the name type.name, it's a String.

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