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I have been interested in Arduino platform, but was not sure whether it'll be too practical for me, as I basically work as a PHP / Symfony2 / Java developer at the moment. However, programming a machine with small resources like this one resembles me times of a 8-bit computers era. Then I took my "ancient" joystick I once used for my old 8-bit Atari XL/XE and got to an idea what Arduino project I perhaps could make, that I would be not just happy of, but also I could use it.

Basically, I got to the idea of using Arduino microcontroller as a device connecting that old joystick and my PC laptop as an input to Atari800 emulator, so that I wasn't limited to use of PC keyboard to play old Atari games. So it feeled much more like playing Atari.

But... I have never programmed any devices for windows system so far, and actually even not sure where to start. (At the moment I use Windows Vista and the newest Windows 8.1). The languages I programmed so far, not mentioning two mentioned ones, are also C# (mainly apps for WinPhone) and, much earlier, C/C++, which I didn't touch for years now.

I don't stick to the solution below, but the way how I think what I want to achieve could be solved is as following as I made it up:

  • I need to connect wires from my joystick to Arduino
  • from Arduino I translate signals from joystick to USB
  • in PC I get USB signals...

And here's the first point I have really no experience with. How do I get signals from USB? Can I do it with Java, or C#? Or I'm restricted to C/C++ only? What are my options and what way I should go in order to accomplish this in relatively easiest manner?

Next... * when I have already signals from USB in my app, I need to "translate" them into proper keyboard signals - as Atari800 emulator gets input from keyboard (i.e. I send a certain signal to USB, and then my windows app should call some Windows OS event which triggers a custom key event)

This is also something I never did before. (I really didn't have to ever program Windows OS).

But all of this seems to be very complex, as intuitively it's very simple task: to get input from Atari joystick to the PC Atari emulator. Do I have better choices? If so, what are they? If not, what's the best way to achieve the goal in the manner I thought of? Thanks guys.

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Read USB Complete. USB is more than just signals - there is an entire protocol around it. In order to use your joystick you will want to make your USB device enumerate as an HID device, which already has an implementation for a joystick. You'll just need to fill out your HID descriptors to adhere to the specification. Then you can interface with your device from C# through standard APIs for input devices. Good luck, this will be difficult but fun! –  Preston Apr 21 at 20:43
I'm quite surprised no answer appeared on th other thing. For people who might want to search for this as well, there's sth like Robot in Java, e.g.: alvinalexander.com/java/… –  forsberg Jun 24 at 18:40

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