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I can't add AJAX controls to VS2010 rc. I try to drag it to design view, but nothing happens, code remains unchanged. Where is a problem here? Should I install manually ajax toolbox to make it work?

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Take a look at this article:

Finally look at this:

More specifically

"The AjaxControlToolkit you can download from the web is for 3.5 fx. It can work with a 4.0 framework, but you can't see some functionality such as no smart task, or you can't drag and drop onto a supported control, for VS 2010 Beta2. You need to retarget the toolkit source to use 4.0 fx and rebuild it."

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Didn't work. trying to add Ajax assembly, I select all ajax controls to be imported, click OK and nothing happens, no error msg, no items added into the toolbar.. :( – Stewie Griffin Feb 25 '10 at 1:30

Reset the toolbox and add again all your customized server control and will be fixed

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After the file has been downloaded (and extracted), you may need to UNBLOCK the AjaxControlToolKit.Dll

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