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Recently I've changed to Sublime Text 2 as my main text editor for Python (on Windows). I already knew the option to show all the white spaces as in Notepad++ (by editing Preferences.sublime-settings).

However each white space symbol by Sublime Text is made of 4 tiny dots (4 pixel), and I find it too big. If you can scrutinize, you can see that in Notepad++, the white space symbols is made of only 1 pixel, and that's much better.

In Microsoft Visual Studio, the white space is only made from 1 pixel as well.

This is not a too annoying issue and I can live with that, but I still hope that may be we can make them smaller (1 px instead of 4)?

By the way, how can I show the word warp symbol in ST2 (the symbol which resemble the "Enter key")?

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