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I want to create GUI application using .NET and I need to implement such kind of scrollable list with custom items. All items should grouped to 3 different groups and to include images, text and favourite star button as shown here:


I would also like to implement filtering using search box, but once I would be able to create such list with customizable items then I hope it would be much easier.

I tried using .NET list view, but I want each cell to look like 1 cell - with out any borders between the image, text, image.

I would extremely appreciate any thoughts about this manner!

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This looks like an idea task for WPF. If you need to do this in WinForms it's going to be a lot trickier. – Bradley Uffner Apr 21 '14 at 16:07
Any idea for WinForms? what about WPF which component do you suggest using? – Amit Bareket Apr 21 '14 at 19:19
I don't know of anything pre-built in WinForms or WPF than can do exactly what you want. You will definitely have to do some custom work. In WPF this would be a stackPanel with other elements inside it. – Bradley Uffner Apr 21 '14 at 19:40
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The best way would be making control template for either WPF ListView or ListBox control.

For example, ListBox.ItemTemplate allows for custom item look.

If you would like to use 3rd party components, Better ListView allows this using owner drawing (requires subclassing BetterListView):

enter image description here

Here is a setup code for the control:

this.customListView = new CustomListView
                            Dock = DockStyle.Fill,
                            Parent = this


for (int i = 0; i < 6; i++)
    var item = new BetterListViewItem
                    Image = imageGraph,
                    Text = String.Format("Item no. {0}", i)


var group1 = new BetterListViewGroup("First group");
var group2 = new BetterListViewGroup("Second group");
var group3 = new BetterListViewGroup("Third group");

this.customListView.Groups.AddRange(new[] { group1, group2, group3 });

this.customListView.Items[0].Group = group1;
this.customListView.Items[1].Group = group1;

this.customListView.Items[2].Group = group2;
this.customListView.Items[3].Group = group2;
this.customListView.Items[4].Group = group2;

this.customListView.Items[5].Group = group3;

this.customListView.AutoSizeItemsInDetailsView = true;
this.customListView.GroupHeaderBehavior = BetterListViewGroupHeaderBehavior.None;
this.customListView.ShowGroups = true;

this.customListView.LayoutItemsCurrent.ElementOuterPadding = new Size(0, 8);


and CustomListView class (implements custom drawing and interaction with star icons):

using BetterListView;

internal sealed class CustomListView : BetterListView
    private const int IndexUndefined = -1;

    private Image imageStarNormal;
    private Image imageStarHighlight;

    private int lastStarIndex = IndexUndefined;
    private int currentStarIndex = IndexUndefined;

    public CustomListView()
        this.imageStarNormal = Image.FromFile("icon-star-normal.png");
        this.imageStarHighlight = Image.FromFile("icon-star-highlight.png");

    protected override void OnMouseMove(MouseEventArgs e)

        var item = HitTest(e.Location).ItemDisplay;

        if (item == null)

        var bounds = GetItemBounds(item);

        if (bounds == null)

        Rectangle boundsStar = GetStarBounds(bounds);

            ? item.Index
            : IndexUndefined);

    protected override void OnMouseLeave(EventArgs e)

    protected override void OnDrawGroup(BetterListViewDrawGroupEventArgs eventArgs)
        eventArgs.DrawSeparator = false;


    protected override void OnDrawItem(BetterListViewDrawItemEventArgs eventArgs)

        Graphics g = eventArgs.Graphics;
        BetterListViewItemBounds bounds = eventArgs.ItemBounds;

        int imageWidth = this.imageStarNormal.Width;
        int imageHeight = this.imageStarNormal.Height;

            (this.currentStarIndex == eventArgs.Item.Index) ? this.imageStarHighlight : this.imageStarNormal,
            0, 0, imageWidth, imageHeight,

        Rectangle boundsSelection = bounds.BoundsSelection;

            new Rectangle(boundsSelection.Left, boundsSelection.Top, boundsSelection.Width - 1, boundsSelection.Height - 1));

    private void UpdateStarIndex(int starIndex)
        if (starIndex == this.lastStarIndex)

        bool isUpdated = false;

        if (this.lastStarIndex != IndexUndefined)

            isUpdated = true;

        if (starIndex != IndexUndefined)

            isUpdated = true;

        this.lastStarIndex = this.currentStarIndex;
        this.currentStarIndex = starIndex;

        if (isUpdated)

    private Rectangle GetStarBounds(BetterListViewItemBounds bounds)
        Rectangle rectInner = bounds.BoundsInner;

        int widthImage = this.imageStarNormal.Width;
        int heightImage = this.imageStarNormal.Height;

        return (new Rectangle(
            rectInner.Width - widthImage,
            rectInner.Top + ((rectInner.Height - heightImage) >> 1),
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