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I need to unarchive *.rar file and extracte with password on PHP. I found many decisions on PHP, but all they don't provide password in archive. Should it do so through the exec ()?

My OS: Windows 8

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What is your OS? –  Alma Do Apr 21 at 13:52
you want to extract? –  Ferrakkem Bhuiyan Apr 21 at 13:54
@JohnConde : I disagree that it is a duplicate. First of all the related answer deals with a ZIP archive and second there are ways to extract RAR archive without using system() function, which may be disabled on some secure systems. –  i-- Apr 22 at 13:15

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Have you tried using rar_open()? It has an argument for password. I personally never used it, so can not vouch if it works well.

For Windows you need to have php_rar.dll enabled in php.ini.

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