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I'm having newbie problems resolving an ajax autocomplete script if anyone would like to offer advise?

In my form i wish for users to select an event type (drop down box) which on selecting then displays a text box. This text box then offers a user the ability to autocomplete as they start typing, the options having been generated through AJAX depending on the event type selected.

I'm using a mix of http://pengoworks.com/workshop/jquery/autocomplete.htm - to carry out the autocomplete and some basic jquery to identify the value of the event type selected.

The problem I have within the code below is to pass the selected event type value, set as the variable 'caturl', into the 'extraParams:{cat:4}' replacing the 4 with the event type dynamically selected. Any help would be greatly received.

 $('#select').change(function() {
           $('#eventtype' + $(this).find('option:selected').attr('id')).show();
           caturl = $('#select :selected').val();             

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have you tried this bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-autocomplete –  ant Feb 23 '10 at 16:46

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On the change event of your select list, you can call setOptions() on the autocomplete object. setOptions() re-configures the auto-complete widget and will override options set during in document.ready()

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