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The wpftoolkit column chart positions the legend automatically on the right side of the chart. I would like to get to know how I can position the legend at the bottom?


<DVC:Chart Canvas.Top="80" Canvas.Left="10" Name="colChart" Width="380" Height="250" Background="Azure">
        <DVC:ColumnSeries Title="Daily Sales" IndependentValueBinding="{Binding Path=Key}" DependentValueBinding="{Binding Path=Value}">


public Analysis()

private void LoadColumnChartData()
    ((ColumnSeries)colChart.Series[0]).ItemsSource =

    new KeyValuePair<string, int>[]{
    new KeyValuePair<string, int>("Col3", 240),
    new KeyValuePair<string, int>("Col2", 170),
    new KeyValuePair<string, int>("Col1", 120) };  
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By cganhing its ControlTemplate somehow, though it requires some work. – vorrtex Apr 22 '14 at 17:13
And for this work that has to take place I am asking for. – user3524628 Apr 25 '14 at 7:59

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