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Can anyone recommend a good Scrum application for Mac OS X?

Basically, I need:

  • product and sprint backlog tracking
  • story cards
  • burndown chart support

If there are web-based alternatives, those work too.


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You should check out the web demos at http://rallydev.com. I tried a lot of open source packages before I tried this one. Just check out the demos and see if it fits the way you work.

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I'm one of the developers over at ScrumDo, it's a web based app. I do most of my work on a mac, so it's very OSX friendly.

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Don't you have Excel support on Mac OS X? If you do, I'd suggest:

Excel is really an extremely powerful tool, especially for the product backlog, and it has my preference1 if suitable: just share the product backlog on a network drive and there you go.

1 My biggest concerns with web based tool are that I find them too much click-intensive, less responsive, in one word slow. So, unless I really have to use a web based tool (e.g. with distributed teams that don't have access to the internal network), I prefer a spreadsheet.

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You could try, http://agility.imeta.co.uk

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