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I made an app to WP8 and I used the page navigation like NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri(...)) and worked well.
But now I'm trying to develop a WP8.1 app and can't figure out how is it going.
I get the following error The name 'NavigationService' does not exist in the current context.
I have two pages and I want to navigate between them.
How can I do?
What changed?

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Sigh, why did you delete your question? I thought it's a really good one and was ready to post an answer to it... – Justin XL Jan 18 at 12:46
@JustinXL I found out that I was stupid, and it worked, I only had to decrease the changing value at the opacity form 0.1 to 0.01, and then everything worked, so I thought that I delete the question, because it's not program code related, just a value mistake. – gereb95 Jan 18 at 13:04
Well, even so, I don't think it's the best approach. If you like, I can undelete it and post my answer for you to have a look. – Justin XL Jan 18 at 13:08
you may right, so it'd be my pleasure – gereb95 Jan 18 at 13:12
here you go – gereb95 Jan 18 at 13:19

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For Universal Apps (Windows Runtime), you need to use the Frame.Navigate(...) overload, with the type of the page you're navigating to.

To navigate to MainPage.xaml, you can use Frame.Navigate(typeof(MainPage));

I'll recommend reading Quickstart: Navigating between pages (Windows Runtime apps using C#/VB/C++ and XAML) (MSDN)

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thank you, works fine :) – gereb95 Apr 21 '14 at 17:45

You can navigate using


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