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I've been working my way through John Papa's course on pluralsight "Building Apps with Angular and Breeze".

When I load up the site and try to hit refresh on any of the views of the site, all I see is a blank area where the view should be. The view never initializes in the debugger. I do see the topnav.html & sidebar.html though.

It appears the promise to prime the data is binding to the resolver of all the controllers yet the views don't load on refresh (F5). Which is odd because when I select any other menu item in the sidebar it will load that data through the prime function of that resolver.

I tried debugging through the code and it appears the problem is in the engine of angular but I wanted to double check here first. The app stops processing instructions after the routing has been defined, but there is no failure message.

This is the code I'm working with:

This is the live site, although the database isn't hooked up yet:

Thank you for any help on this matter, I'm sure it will help others.

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any links or code that you can show? –  crozzfire Apr 21 at 17:24
Yes, they have been added to the question. –  Neil Apr 21 at 17:38
If you check out the live site, you can see the view never loads when you hit refresh. –  Neil Apr 21 at 17:44
Figured out the problem...didn't include $route in my app.run. That explains it...ugh –  Neil Apr 21 at 20:46

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