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I am going through John Papa's SPA course on pluralsight and I am running into error that say The 'structuralTypeName' parameter must be a 'string' while using breeze. Here is the actual error that is being thrown


The code that is generating this error is metadataStore.getEntityType:

    function extendMetadata() { names
        var metadataStore = manager.metadataStore;
        var types = metadataStore.getEntityType();
        types.forEach(function(type) {
            if (type instanceof breeze.EntityType) {
                Set(type.shortName, type)

        function set(resourceName, entityName) {
            metadataStore.setEntityTypeForResourceName(resourceName, entityNames);

it is called by my prime function.

    function prime() {
        if (primePromise) return primePromise  //if primePromise was loaded before, just return it

        primePromise = $q.all([getLookups()])
        return primePromise;

        function success() { 
            log('Primed the data');

I'm unsure what the problem is with the breeze call. Any insight into how to fix this? Thanks for your help community.


Here is the lookups query info:

    function setLookups() {
        var entityNames = {
            personnel: 'Personnel',
            cto: 'Cto',
            kkeys: 'Kkey',
            promotion: 'Promotion',
            loa: 'Loa'
        service.lookupCachedData = {
            ctos: _getAllLocal(entityNames.cto, 'ctodate' )
            kkeys: _getAllLocal(entityNames.kkeys, 'keystamp'),
            promotions: _getAllLocal(entityNames.promotion, 'pdate'),
            loas: _getAllLocal(entityNames.loa, 'lstrdte')

    function _getAllLocal(resource, ordering) {
        return EntityQuery.from(resource)

    function getLookups() {
        return EntityQuery.from('Lookups')
        .then(querySucceeded, _queryFailed)

        function querySucceeded(data) {
            log('Retrieved [Lookups] from remote data source', data, true);
            return true;

    function _queryFailed(error) {
        var msg = config.appErrorPrefix + 'Error retrieving data from entityquery' + error.message;
        logError(msg, error);
        throw error;
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Can you show your query? –  PW Kad Apr 21 at 19:49
Hi PW Kad, thanks for answering back. I added more info above. I assume you was asking about setLookups and getLookups? –  Nick Apr 21 at 20:15

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You have to pass in a string to getEntityType. Sorry I missed that the first time through.


Also you are going to blow up when you are trying to call Set() function but the functions name is set() and also set is probably a keyword you aren't trying to override.

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doh!!!. Glad you saw that set. So I guess I'll have to iterate through all my entities. The sample John Papa had proto.getEntityTypes = function () { return getTypesFromMap(this._structuralTypeMap); }; Now that you pointed out, my breeze has proto.getEntityType = function (structuralTypeName, okIfNotFound) { assertParam(structuralTypeName, "structuralTypeName").isString().check(); assertParam(okIfNotFound, "okIfNotFound").isBoolean().isOptional().check(false); return this._getEntityType(structuralTypeName, okIfNotFound); }; Thanks –  Nick Apr 21 at 20:39

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