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I'm having some problems while generating paths in emails rendered with twig on Symfony

Here is what I'm doing

<a href="{{ domain_parameter ~ path('news_homepage') }}"> My Link </a>

And on parameters.yml

domain_parameter: http://mydomain.com

On the routing

    pattern:  /news
    defaults: { _controller: newsBundle:News:index }

I then send emails with cron tasked

While doing so I'm expecting to get urls looking like this :


But i'm getting this :


If I use "url" instead of "path", it will result with :


Do you have any idea on how could I get this to work as expected? Thanks you in advance

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Do you have something in your .htaccess file? What setting did you define for default path so that you get website.com/... when you use path command? –  Javad Apr 21 at 20:27
Javad, that's in my apache virtual host that I define the "Root" of mydomain.com to be binded to the folder /var/www/website.com/ where my Symfony's project is –  John korba Apr 21 at 20:37
That's true but if you define website.com as your virtual host then the path command should not show website.com/web/app.php/something it should just print /Symfony/web/app.php/something. make sure you have a correct configuration for default path in config.yml –  Javad Apr 21 at 21:01
Yes Javad but it works well in all the situations (it generates links as you expect eg. "website.com/news") except with CRON usage –  John korba Apr 22 at 7:07
Though this sounds you have the issue in crontab. Could you provide what do you have in shell script or what do you call in your crontab? –  Javad Apr 22 at 14:06

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you shouldn't have web/app.php in your links, so you might want to change your htaccess

If you want to "just have the proper domain" there, you could try |replace like:

{{ path('news_homepage')|replace({'website.com': domain_parameter}) }}

in addition, path() should give you just /news so there seems to be something wrong with your configuration

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Actually path works well when I generate links inside the application with a request context. The only situation where it does not work is when I use path with CRON (so there's no context request), the solution to use replace filter is correct thanks but I want to use it as a last chance, I hope there's something "cleaner" to use –  John korba Apr 22 at 7:04
You can also set the hostname inside the command you execute by: Symfony documentation provides you with a solution here: symfony.com/doc/current/cookbook/console/sending_emails.html As if there is no proper request, you have to provide the context with a proper hostname manually, either by config or by setting it in the context object. so you can just use: $this->container->get('router')->getContext()->setHost('myhostname'); –  Bartłomiej Wach Apr 22 at 8:18
Bartlomiej, it's still generates routes like mydomain.com/website.com/web/app.php/news while setting manually the context's host as you advised me –  John korba Apr 22 at 10:13
check if you dont have "website.com" in your config directory (in config.yml or parameters.yml or whichever of .yml files) or in htaccess file –  Bartłomiej Wach Apr 22 at 10:37
Nope, I don't have nothing else than a rewriting that makes links mydomain.com to be rewrited to mydomain.com/web/app.php/[URL_PARAMS] –  John korba Apr 22 at 14:38

Javad's solution is the better one.

I ended up with making commands classes instead of controllers called with HTTP requests.

To have a request context at each one of the commands, i specify this :

$requestCtx = $container->get('router')->getContext();

I have also replaced all "path" functions (from twig templates that I use to generate emailsà) by "url" which can now generating expected links thanks to the specified context.

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