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i've made a jquery slider and a user in this website helped me to improve it (adding fade transitions). In the fiddle it worked fine, but when i moved it to my computer it generated a problem, first of all, here is the fiddle.


Code is really simple, i hide images with display: none (hide class) and change that with fadeIn/ fadeOut.

$("active image").fadeIn();
$("to hide image").fadeOut();
$("to hide image").fadeOut();
$("to hide image").fadeOut();

and here is the problem

enter image description here

(IT'S A GIF so it may take some time to load, if it does not, here's the link: http://images.ezgif.com/tmp/gif_300x341_e373a4.gif

it's speeded up just for size reasons so if you can't see the problem, when you click a button the current image desappear and just 100 miliseconds later aprox. the other image loads.

I've tried with .delay() but it didn't work either.

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So it works in the fiddle but not your site? Checked the console for errors? –  j08691 Apr 21 at 19:25
how can i do that? sorry i'm quite new –  nick Apr 21 at 19:26
@nick If you're in Chrome, hit F12. Click on the tab called console. If there are errors they will be red. –  MiniRagnarok Apr 21 at 20:03

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<div id="cycler" style="position:fixed;top:0;">
        <img class="active" src="http://www.gettyimages.com/CMS/StaticContent/1357941082241_new_banner-700x465.jpg" alt="Hoverfly on a green leaf" title="Hoverfly on a green leaf" width="506" height="337" />
        <img src="http://www.royaltyfreeimages.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/royalty-free-images-mushroom-500x375.jpg" alt="Fly on a pink flower" title="Fly on a pink flower" width="506" height="337"  />
        <img src="http://www.menucool.com/slider/prod/image-slider-1.jpg" alt="Insect on a leaf" title="Platycheirus granditarsus (I think) on a leaf" width="506" height="337"  />

    <div style="margin-top:350px;">
    <button onclick="cycleImages(1)">1</button>
    <button onclick="cycleImages(2)">2</button>
    <button onclick="cycleImages(3)">3</button>


#cycler img{position:absolute;z-index:1;background-color:white}
#cycler img.active{z-index:3}


function cycleImages(n){
      var $active = $('#cycler .active');
      var $next = $('#cycler img:nth-child('+n+')');

fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/vishnurajv/7wPbd/

If you are looking for a flexible slide I prefer flexslider

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thanks, it worked fine, but there's a way to make it responsive? i tried but finished by breaking the "slider" –  nick Apr 22 at 2:10
flexslider.woothemes.com is what you are looking for. Mark as answer if it was usefull. :) –  Vishnuraj V Apr 22 at 6:23
i tried with it but it seems like you can't put two sliders in the same page.. –  nick Apr 22 at 15:39
check this stackoverflow.com/questions/11559209/… –  Vishnuraj V Apr 22 at 16:40
All the best :) –  Vishnuraj V Apr 22 at 16:49

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