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I am attempting to delete a virtual network in Azure. When I use the web interface to delete it, it says

Virtual network 'MyVirtualNetwork' is in use and cannot be deleted. If you recently deleted resources, it might take some time to update the virtual network.

Of course, I didn't recently delete resources and there are no VMs using the network. I followed this StackOverflow post here which says that in order to delete a Virtual Network, you must first delete the Virtual Network Gateway.

So, as per the instructions "To delete a virtual network gateway" on MSDN here, I click through the Azure web interface like this:

Virtual Network > *MyVirtualNetwork* > Dashboard > Delete Gateway

And I get this:

Failed to delete the gateway for virtual network 'OneCoreWikiVnet'.

Azure offers no further explanation or other details.

How do I delete this virtual network gateway?

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Have you tried to use the PowerShell cmdlet to do this?

Remove-AzureVNetGateway -VNetName

You can put -Verbose on there if you're still hitting an error and maybe get a better error response.


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