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I am current using Tile and Box2D working on minigame. I am trying to figure out how to make wall tile collidable. Right now the character can walk to anywhere on the map. I know I can set body as a staticBody which is probably a solution. I try to implement it but it doesn't work well. only some part the tile is collidable.

vector<WorldLayer*> *layers = world->getLayers();
for (int i = 0; i < world->getNumLayers(); i++)
    WorldLayer *layer = layers->at(i);
    if (layer->hasCollidableTiles()) // only make collibable tiles in a TiledLayer - Augusto
        TiledLayer *tiledLayer = (TiledLayer*)layer;
        int cols = tiledLayer->getColumns();
        int rows = tiledLayer->getRows();
        int height = tiledLayer->getTileHeight();
        int width = tiledLayer->getTileWidth();
        Tile *tile;

        // create a box2d b2Body for each collidable tile
        for (int j = 0; j < rows; j++){
            for (int k = 0; k < cols; k++){
                tile = tiledLayer->getTile(j,k);
                if ((*tile).collidable){

                    myBodyDef.type = b2_staticBody; //change body type
                    myBodyDef.position.Set(float32((j * width) + width / 2), float32((k*height) + height / 2)); //middle, bottom
                    b2Body* staticBody = (*b2world).CreateBody(&myBodyDef);

                    staticBody->CreateFixture(&myFixtureDef); //add a fixture to the body
                    cout << "A non-collidable tile exists";
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Are the vertices for the tile shape given in counter-clockwise order? Try looking at the debug draw display so you can see what is happening in the physics engine. –  iforce2d Apr 22 at 6:34

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