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I am new to Rails. I have calculated some value in a javascript based upon user inputs and now I want to set a variable present in controller function to the calculate value. Is it possible to do so or is there a better approach?

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You can do it if you pass the javascript variable as a parameter to your controller and set the variable –  Vimsha Apr 22 at 4:03
You can use "view helpers" for this approach.. –  Raj Adroit Apr 22 at 6:35

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Are you sending a param with the javascript? Then just set:

@variable = params[:calculate]

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Set the value into a hidden_field_tag in side the form,then you can get the value in params.


In js script

document.getElementsByName('js_hidden').value = 1111;

then the value will assign into the hidden_field_tag


hidden_field_tag 'from_js',1111,:id=>"js_hidden"


in your controller you can get params[:from_js].

More details click here

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