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I'm working with Codeigniter and i want to have a URL like this:


And then route it to the real controller and function.

It means I don't want to have a URL like this : www.domain.com/admin.

I have one controller for back-end and another for front.

This is my default controller in route file:

  $route['default_controller'] = "home";

so how should i do it? with route file or htaccess file or some another way?!

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I think the answer you look for is here: stackoverflow.com/questions/19513222/… –  Chococroc Apr 22 at 6:46
Thank you so much! –  Bahrami-Reza Apr 22 at 6:50
i put this code in route file but didnt work in my case: switch ( $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] ) { case 'students.mysite.com': $route['default_controller'] = "students"; break; case 'teachers.mysite.com': $route['default_controller'] = "teachers"; default: // The list of your $routes lines at is was... break; } –  Bahrami-Reza Apr 22 at 7:10
im testing on localhost and change it to this: switch ( $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] ) { case 'admin.mysite/': $route['default_controller'] = "backend"; break; case 'mysite/': $route['default_controller'] = "home"; $route['404_override'] = ''; break; } –  Bahrami-Reza Apr 22 at 7:13

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