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I'm looking for a "tree of checkboxes" widget for Javascript. I tried to use jquery-checktree which purports to do exactly what I want, however it has the following problems:

  • It doesn't recognize checkboxes that are already checked and renders everything as unchecked.
  • It starts off with everything collapsed and doesn't give an option to start with everything uncollapsed
  • Each line of my tree starts indented from the line above, even if they are <li> in the same <ul>.

Can anybody recommend one that works, or fixes for this one?

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You could try the YUI TreeView. They have an example with checkboxes. It might not be ideal for all uses, but it's pretty good.

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ExtJS 3.x has one. I have not used it, but it looks nice. Not sure if you're willing to add ExtJS to your stack...

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Another option is jstree which is based on jquery also.

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I ended up making a few fixes to jquery-checktree and using it. Some of the changes are probably broadly applicable and I emailed them to the developer, and others are probably only useful to my project.

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