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after, Lot of struggle and Research at finally, I got the solution to IFrame scrolling issue in iPad browsers.


$(function() {
    if (/iPhone|iPod|iPad/.test(navigator.userAgent)) {

        $("iframe").bind("load",function() {
            var b = this.contentWindow.document.body;

            var div = $(document.createElement("div"));
            var divCSS = {
                'height' : $(this.parentNode).height(),
                'width' : $(this.parentNode).width(),
                'overflow' : 'scroll'


            // Move the body's children into this wrapper
            while (b.firstChild)

            // Append the wrapper to the body

Its working fine randomly.
Here I am facing two issues are:

  1. Iframe Scrolling working randomly means its not working every time I refresh.
  2. The same problem "#1", I am having while rotating the device "landscape" to "portrait" & reverse case.
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