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I'm using C# and i need to create a XML document. Ok, i did, but, in each element i need to put a tc prefix.

The only way that i know, is using xmlDoc.CreateElement("tc", "node1", "file.xsd"), but it is very massive because i have lots of tags and my program its already writted.

Is this the only way?

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Maybe you could show us some of the code you used, so we don't have to make a guess? –  John Saunders Feb 23 '10 at 20:09

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If you're lucky enough to be using C# 3.5, take a look at LINQ to XML.

Here's a document on How to: Create a Document with Namespaces (C#) (LINQ to XML) from MSDN for the LINQ to XML API.

And if you've never seen LINQ to XML before, take a look at this 5 minute overview

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