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I'm a rails newsbye and I must go in production with my CMS. I never use cache and I'm studying a lot: i view every Railscast and I know the differences between the caching tecnique.

My CMS is a magazine, so a lot of new contents but the old contents will remain the same forever (or until I edit them for a small change).

I have also a lots of sections repeated in some pages, so I think to user Dalli + MemCache as cache store and Russian Doll Caching (I use Rails 4) to fragment cache my app.

I need to addo other cache tecnique (for assets for example) or assets caching is done by default by Rails?

Thank you

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I think you're on the right way. Assets usually cached by browsers. They also have digest in their names in order to be updated after the next deploy/recompile. –  cutalion Apr 22 '14 at 8:20

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