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I have a executable jar its MANIFEST.MF has CLASS-PATH

Now my question is will abc.jar be added to the classpath when i try to run

java -cp "abc.jar" -jar <executable.jar>

or only CLASS-PATH defined in MANIFEST.MF will be used ?

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-cp and -jar cannot be combined - you can use just one of them

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do you have documentation link –  user2410148 Apr 22 at 8:59
this can be a comment –  Mzf Apr 22 at 10:17
can find anything in the documentation that restricts me from doing that and it seem to be working for me. –  user2410148 Apr 22 at 10:24
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According to http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/deployment/jar/downman.html "By using the Class-Path header in the manifest, you can avoid having to specify a long -classpath flag when invoking Java to run the your application."

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but can they be used together –  user2410148 Apr 22 at 9:02
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