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My question today deals with checking an XML file for a specific node.


title="Video Title" 
logo="Path to logo here">

title="Video Title" 

The first vid node contains a path to a logo graphic, I then need to check in my ActionScript if there is a logo there or not, and to do something if there is(display the logo)

Now below is the code I need help with, I can trace out the logo path so I thought I could run a simple if/else to check if there is anything in that node and if so to do something:

private function thumbOver(e:MouseEvent = null):void
trace("PLAY THIS VIDEO: " + tabData[tabID].video[].@flv);
trace("THE VIDEO TITLE: " + tabData[tabID].video[].@title);
trace("HAS LOGO? " + tabData[tabID].video[].@logo);

if (tabData[tabID].video[].@logo == null)
    trace("No logo here");
            // Don't do anything
} else {
    trace("Does have Logo");
            // Code to display Logo

    /*var lgo:Bitmap = loader.getBitmap(tabData[tabID].video[].@logo);
    lgo.width  = 78;
    lgo.height = 44;
    lgo.x = 0;



Now I've tried everything, but it will always trace out "Does have a logo" no matter what I do. I tried:

 if (tabData[tabID].video[].@logo == "")

 if (tabData[tabID].video[].@logo == null)

However I get the same results, what should my approach to this problem be?

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if (tabData[tabID].video[].hasOwnProperty("@logo"))
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OMG thanks that was it! :D I'm not that well verse with all the XML syntax... I love this site! – Leon Gaban Feb 23 '10 at 20:45
hasOwnProperty is a method of the Flash Object class, so you can use that on pretty much any class. Very handy. – typeoneerror Feb 23 '10 at 20:57
Great to know thanks again :) – Leon Gaban Feb 23 '10 at 22:42

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