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i have to write a chat application enable to conference calling with voip, but i dont know anything about this technology at all and i couldnt find anything useful. do you know any useful site which help to begin working with it? thanks

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Is Java required for this project? –  Pops Feb 23 '10 at 20:59
yes, i must right this project with java rmi –  samuel Feb 23 '10 at 21:07

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You might look at hosted voice platforms. There's VoiceXML (see http://vxml.org/ for docs and tutorials) and numerous VoiceXML hosts, including my employer, Voxeo ( http://voxeo.com/ ).

There's also Adhearsion, a programming framework that runs on Asterisk http://adhearsion.com/ (it's Ruby, but there's always JRuby if you need to stay in the Java world).

And finally, a number of hosted API services you can use to create voice apps. Tropo ( http://tropo.com/ ), Twilio, ifByPhone ( http://ifbyphone.com/ ), and a few others.

Most of the hosted APIs are designed so you don't need to be a voice developer to understand them. For instance, to create a conference in Java with Tropo, here's the code...


Using that code, everyone who calls the phone number this code is attached to will be joined into a conference together.

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Take a look at Asterisk PBX project and Asterisk Java integration project http://asterisk-java.org. Might get some hints and not be forced to reinvent the wheel.

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