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I'm creating advertise system, which should be shown on ATM. For now, I have to make a database structure where advertise, ATM and customer compliance will be stored.

Advertise system must choose an advertise depending on ATM and customer.

The point is that customer is not strictly defined. It can be filtered with any its property (card number, account, client ID, client age, ...). For example:

  1. On ATM=1 ADV=2 should be shown when customer is card like '1111%' On
  2. All ATM except ATM=1 ADV=3 should be shown when ClientID in (1,2)

How Can I store these data in relational database?

I have one solution, but I don't like it, I will make a table were SQL where causes will be saved. For example:

advertise table
Status (values can be: Allow/deny)
rule (here will be written SQL filter, for example: "card like '1111%' and client_id !=10230")
screen_id (on which page this adv must be shown) order (for adv priority)

Do you have any other suggestions?

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How many of these columns do you have, will your conditions only be connected by the AND operator, is there more than IN, LIKE (and both combined with NOT), and who will maintain this configuration? –  Peter Lang Apr 22 '14 at 10:34
Conditions will be connected with only AND operator. And there will be used IN, LIKE, NOT IN, NOT LIKE, =, !=. This configurations will be maintained with the specialists of ATM software from UI. But for now, I'm writing only web service for configurations. –  mariami Apr 22 '14 at 11:11

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You could try to design your configuration like this:

  • columns
    • column_name
    • data_type (NUMBER, VARCHAR)
  • advertisements
    • adv
    • seq (to assign priority)
  • conditions
    • adv (FK)
    • column_name (FK)
    • modifier: NOT (check-constraint)
    • operator: LIKE, IN (would cover = and != but you can also add them explicitely)
    • values (child-table)

This would allow to generate all conditions while avoiding typos and SQL injection. I added data_type to check when only numbers are allowed and when quotes need to be added/escaped.

adv column_name  modifier  operator  values (shown denormalized)
2   atm                    IN        1
2   customer               LIKE      1111%
3   atm          NOT       IN        1
3   clientID               IN        1,2
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