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I have an internal class which is internal visible to a service Factory. It is also inheriting an public interface.

When I want to use its functionality in my application, I am declaring object for the interface and getting it instantiated for the particular class through service factory.

Now we are using MVC and I want to create IOC for this class in my one of the controller. This class being internal, I can not register this in global.ascx

For example when I am writing builder.RegisterType().As().InstancePerHttpRequest() ;
The CommonSvc being internal, it is throwing compile time error as Services.CommonSvc' is inaccessible due to its protection level

Please advise

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Why don't you make the class public? –  Steven Apr 22 at 12:44

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Your options:

  1. Make CommonSvc public
  2. Annotate your assembly with an InternalsVisibleToAttribute to make internal types visible to the calling assembly.
  3. Instead of registering CommonSvc directly, use RegisterAssemblyTypes() to register it by convention. For example:
           .Where(t => typeof(SomeInterface).IsAssignableFrom(t))
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