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Is it possible to play a resource mp3 file with the MPMusicPlayerController or do I need to use the AVAudioPlayer API?

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You should generally use AVAudioPlayer if you have just one MP3 file that you need to play. MPMusicPlayerController is designed to handle playlists of audio files and is fairly heavyweight in comparison.

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That sounds sensible but do actually know whether it's possible to play this resource mp3, that's not in the iTunes library, using the MPMusicPlayerController API? –  rui Feb 24 '10 at 0:30
Yes, it is. You just need to instantiate it with [MPMusicPlayerController applicationMusicPlayer] rather than [MPMusicPlayerController iPodMusicPlayer]. –  Rob Keniger Feb 24 '10 at 0:38
Cool, thanks!!! –  rui Feb 24 '10 at 0:44

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