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I want to call C# function from a UnityScript GameMaster.js like this.


#pragma strict

function Start () {


using System.Collections;

public class Mahjong {
  string Foo () {
    return "foo";

When I run the program, I get BCE0005: Unknown identifier: 'Mahjong'.. According to information from here, if script files are in Assets directory, I don't need to import file.

But it doesn't works in my case. what am I missing? How can I call #C's function from UnityScript?

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The C# script has to be compiled before the JS script for this to work. To achieve this you have to move the C# script into one of the following directories: Plugins, Standard Assets or Pro Standard Assets.

It also works the other way around - if you want to call JS from C#, move the JS into one of the folders.

It does not work both ways at once however.

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You can also use SendMessage to invoke a C# method from Javascript (or vice-versa), but your are limited to passing one parameter, and you can't get the return value. So pretty limited, but sometimes useful. –  yoyo Nov 2 '14 at 3:17

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