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I need to make behavor for ClientTemplate like we have for EditorTemplateName. So I want to make something like this:


     Html.Kendo().DropDownListFor(m => m)        
                .Template("#:Value# #:Text#")
            .Events(e => e

And adding column into grid: .EditorTemplateName("ExamResultGridForeignKey")

but I want to: .ClientTemplate("ExamResultGridForeignKey") or something like that (but it doesnt work):

                    .Template("#:Value# #:Text#")

All that I need to make field with DropDownList in not editable mode (when we display value) looks like editable DropDownList.

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This is how my dropdown list is being rendered. IsInForecast is a bool field. All the If else is doing is having the correct ddl value (true/false) selected based on the value of the IsInForecast property. You're gonna have to tweak it to your needs.

columns.Bound(m => m.IsInForecast).Title("Is Forecasted").ClientTemplate(

   "# if (IsInForecast == true) { #" +

                          "<select id='#= OrderId #' onchange=save('#= OrderId #'); style='Width: 80px; color: 'navy' > " +
                            "<option id='yes' selected value='1'>Yes</option>" +
                            "<option id='no' value='0'>No</option>" +

                            "</select>" +
                     "# } else { #" +
                          "<select id='#= OrderId #' onchange=save('#= OrderId #'); style='Width: 80px; color: 'navy' > " +
                            "<option id='yes'  value='1'>Yes</option>" +
                            "<option id='no' selected value='0'>No</option>" +
                         "# } #" 

Where you see "<select id='#= OrderId #' that is setting the ddl ID field to so you know which dropdownlist/record you are editing. onchange=save('#= OrderId #'); is calling a JS function that passes the model property OrderId to the method. To get the selected value of correct ddl you just changed you can do this.

save(orderId) function{
  var ddl = # + orderId;
  var getSelectedValue = $(ddl).val();

This will render a standard DDL. You can check out the documentation here

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Yestaday I tried to make some Extensions methods on Generic parameters on GridColumnFactory<TModel>. But Ive got an error (Kendo cant parse they own MVVM, if I try to make Name parameter with that template '#=Id#')... –  Novikov Apr 23 '14 at 6:36
So now I think that your way is the only one. To not generate JS, but write it by hands. –  Novikov Apr 23 '14 at 6:37

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