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I would like to create a Resharper Live Template that changes all spaces to underscores ind my "fact" Live template variable $testname$:

<Fact()> _
Public Sub $testnames$()
    ' Arrange

    ' Act

    ' Assert

End Sub

I have this:

    [Macro("applyRegex", ShortDescription = "Run on {#0:variable}", LongDescription = "")]
    class ApplyRegexMacro : IMacro
        public string EvaluateQuickResult(IHotspotContext context, IList<string> arguments)
            return Regex.Replace(arguments[0], " ", "_", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);

        public HotspotItems GetLookupItems(IHotspotContext context, IList<string> arguments)
            return null;

        public string GetPlaceholder()
            return "placeholder";

        public bool HandleExpansion(IHotspotContext context, IList<string> arguments)
            return false;

        public ParameterInfo[] Parameters
                return new[] { new ParameterInfo(ParameterType.String), new ParameterInfo(ParameterType.String), new ParameterInfo(ParameterType.VariableReference) };           

But this only runs when i press tab. I want the macro to run after I tab out of $testname$.

I want to be able to just write the test name in a single line of text with spaces, and then the Macro turns all the spaces into underscores.

Is this possible?

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Did you find a solution after all? Did you associate your macro with a given variable? –  flq Oct 12 '10 at 8:02
Have the same problem. It seems like its a built-in macro now, I just can't figure out how to invoke it after I have typed the name for the variable. Have you solved the problem, if so, how ? –  Syska Jun 25 '11 at 17:48

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