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I have a dict with date time key as bellow

{u'2014-04-21 14:46': {u'status': 0, u'created': u'21-04-2014 14:46', u'duration': u'0:12'}, u'2014-04-22 10:31': {u'status': 0, u'created': u'22-04-2014 10:31', u'duration': u'1:28}}

I need to sort that with date time key.

I have already tried as below which is mention in this question and it is not sorting as expected.

ordered = OrderedDict(sorted(mydict.items(), key=lambda t: t[0]))

In that question key is 2014-04-21 and mine is 2014-04-21 14:46.

Any help would appreciate.

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What is your question here? –  Krumelur Apr 22 at 12:32
how to sort a dict with date key in python ? –  Janith Chinthana Apr 22 at 12:32

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As far as I can see from your sample set, you are using ISO dates.

ISO dates are alphabetically sortable. There is no need to handle the special case of them being dates. I see nothing wrong with your code.

Running your code, e.g.

>>> list(OrderedDict(sorted(mydict.items(), key=lambda t: t[0])))

produces the keys sorted, e.g.

[u'2014-04-21 14:46', u'2014-04-22 10:31']

To sort the list in decending order, use

>>> list(OrderedDict(sorted(mydict.items(), key=lambda t: t[0], reversed=True)))
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But it is not sorting –  Janith Chinthana Apr 22 at 12:37
Then I am misunderstanding your expectations. I ran your code, and it met what I expected. –  Krumelur Apr 22 at 12:38
try to reverse it and check the result –  Janith Chinthana Apr 22 at 12:39
list(OrderedDict(sorted(reversed(mydict.items()), key=lambda t: t[0]))) still produces what I expect. Did I misunderstand what you intended somehow? –  Krumelur Apr 22 at 12:41
Ah, I think you want to sort the dates decending, right? Check the reversed parameter to sorted. –  Krumelur Apr 22 at 12:43
from datetime import datetime
from collections import OrderedDict

ordered = OrderedDict(sorted(mydict.items(), 
                      key=lambda t: datetime.strptime(t[0], '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M')))



{'2014-04-21 14:46': {'created': '21-04-2014 14:46',
                      'duration': '0:12',
                      'status': 0},
 '2014-04-22 10:31': {'created': '22-04-2014 10:31',
                      'duration': '1:28',
                      'status': 0}}

You can reverse the order by passing reverse=True to sorted().

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how to sort it in descending order ? –  Janith Chinthana Apr 22 at 12:36
@JanithChinthana just add reverse=True inside sorted() –  vaultah Apr 22 at 12:37

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