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I have a solution containing about 20 WCF endpoints where each endpoint shares one of two configurations for bindings and behaviors. The two different configuration I have is so I can either do a custom username/password authentication or do a certificate authentication. All of my endpoints specify a specific base address. If I start my project in debug mode, and I try to hit each of these services I get the page that contains a link to the WSDL and instructions to use SVCUti.

Now if I build out an installer for this WCF solution and install it out to a machine only about 3/4 of my services will show this test page. Some of the services, when I try to go to the base address, give me a HTTP Bad Request 400 error. These endpoints use the same configuration as endpoints that do work. I'm stuck as to what types of things I can do to debug this issue. Any advice on what this could be would be helpful.

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Just to be clear: The HTTP 400 occurs when you navigate to the .svc URL in the browser, or when you actually try to invoke an operation? –  Aaronaught Feb 23 '10 at 22:17
Navigate to the .svc in the URL (even though these particular services do not have a .svc file associated with them). An example address is: MACHINENAME:12903/Our/Long/Namespace/ServiceCollectionName –  C Nick Feb 24 '10 at 13:20

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