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I have a simple procedure that contains 2 processes that write and read from a fifo. I wanted to add mprotect on the buffer that the reader reads to, and then "release" it(add PROT_WRITE | READ) when there is an interrupt on it.

it seems that if I do it on a regular file(only read, not fifo) it works, but if I do it on a fifo, the reader's fread returns with error.

I am suspecting receiving interrupts inside the fifo is bad.. but it was supposed to be granted permissions.. anyone have any idea?


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What kind of error? If it is EINTR, just restart the read. –  user58697 Apr 22 '14 at 17:16
getting bad address error and actually I see no segfault –  Alon Apr 23 '14 at 7:37

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