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Consider USER1 is already team member of Project1 & Project 2. I would like to make him team member to Project 3. Following part of my code adds the USER1 to Project 3 but removes team membership in Project 1 & Project 2

I just want the User1 to be added to Project 3 along with Project1 & Project 2.Could someone please advise?


                 JsonArray TeamMemberships = new JsonArray();

                // add or remove projects for user


                // Setup update fields/values for Team Membership
                JsonObject updateUserTeamMembershipObj = new JsonObject();
                updateUserTeamMembershipObj.add("TeamMemberships", TeamMemberships);

                UpdateRequest updateTeamMembershipsRequest = new UpdateRequest(userRef, updateUserTeamMembershipObj);
                UpdateResponse updateTeamMembershipResponse = restApi.update(updateTeamMembershipsRequest);
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This is not specific to java, but generally for WS API v2.0, using a browser REST client:

If currently teammembership has two projects, e.g. {"/project/123"},{"_ref":"/project/456"}

add another project /project/789 using this endpoint:

and payload:


successfully updates the collection without removing the pre-existing elements, so it looks like one does not have to include {"/project/123"},{"_ref":"/project/456"} in the CollectionItems, at least when using a rest client.

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Couldn't I do this using Java API? – user2335123 Apr 22 '14 at 18:48
I don't have a ready example of doing it in Java, but I verified in Crome rest client that it is not necessary to include pre-existing elements in the CollectionItems in order to add a new element. – nickm Apr 22 '14 at 19:02
Thanks Nick, I'm trying with the code above, but it removes the team membership for other projects when I try to add in new project.If you get a chance, please try. Thanks – user2335123 Apr 23 '14 at 1:59

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