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We have setup our own webrtc2sip server and Asterisk . This setup works fine from a browser (i.e able to make outgoing call to mobile phone) and I am now trying to setup the same in iOS (iOS 7.1) using idoubs (ios-ngn-stack).

As part of the setup we have used our own web socket server. I have tried configuring the following things to start with

  1. DTLS & SRTP Mandatory set on iDoubs.
  2. Enabled webrtc2sip mode (tsip_stack_mode_webrtc2sip)
  3. Set the web socket details via SipSession::setWebSocketSrc(const char* host, int32_t port, const char* proto)
  4. Also provided the public.pem and private.pem via NgnSipStack setSSLCertificates So far I have not been able to REGISTER.

I am not even sure whether the communication happens over web socket and I also do not see the a=fingerprint for DTLS.

Can somebody throw some light on this?

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