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I have many latin words in my TeX document and wan't them to wrap with a special command \lat{anterior}. So when I move my cursor in VIM above words, is there an efficent way to add a prefix \lat{ and suffix } to the current word? Ideally with a key binding?

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You should read :help recording. You could start recording a macro (qm), move to the beginning to the word (possibly with B), insert your preffix, them move to the end of the word (possibly E), insert the suffix, stop recording (q), them move to the next word and execute the macro (@m). –  mMontu Apr 22 at 14:36

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Have a look at the tpope/vim-surround plugin. You can customize it per filetype; see :help surround-customizing:

autocmd FileType tex let b:surround_45 = "\\lat{\r}"
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Now with extra readability: let b:surround_{char2nr('-')} = "\\lat{\r}" –  Peter Rincker Apr 22 at 14:50
Thank you, may I ask how to bind this command to a key? –  math Apr 22 at 14:57
Use <c-s>-. Please read :h surround and :h surround-customizing –  Peter Rincker Apr 22 at 15:21

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