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Building a project file with the Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine library seems to be ignoring the BeforeTargets attribute.

My project file has the following target:

<Target Name="MyTestTarget" BeforeTargets="Build">
  <Message Importance="High" Text="Running MyTestTarget" />

and when I compile it with the following code (F#, but does the same in C#):

open System
open Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine
open Microsoft.Build.Framework

[<EntryPoint; STAThread>]
let main argv =
    let engine = new Engine()
    engine.RegisterLogger(new ConsoleLogger())
    let project = new Project(engine)
    let succeeded = engine.BuildProject(project, "Build")

the target "MyTestTarget" is not run. Note that when I use MSBuild.exe 4.0 instead, "MyTestTarget" is correctly run.

I know that BeforeTargets was added in MSBuild 4.0, and would throw an exception if used with an older version of Microsoft.Build. But I haven't found anything about BeforeTargets being ignored by MSBuild 4.

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You're using deprecated types, if you use the new types then it works:

let projects = new ProjectCollection()
projects.RegisterLogger(new ConsoleLogger())
let project = projects.LoadProject("MyProjectFile.fsproj")
let succeeded = project.Build("Build")

If you didn't see any warnings about deprecated types, then perhaps you are referencing older versions of the MSBuild assemblies.

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I do see the warnings, and I know those are deprecated. However my code needs to run on mono, and the newer APIs such as ProjectCollection are not implemented there yet. Moreover, I don't have any warning or error about BeforeTargets being an unknown attribute, which is what happens (based on my googling) when using older assemblies. –  Tarmil Apr 23 at 10:14
It turns out that the mono implementation of BuildEngine doesn't have this bug. So I am now implementing two code paths, one for mono using BuildEngine and one for .NET using Execution. –  Tarmil Apr 24 at 9:05

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